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I'm a trans man, and this is perfext!
Some info, I ordered a XL i'm 5'11 and my measurements are:
Shoulders: 21 inches wide
Chest (under armpits): 47.75 inches
Bust: 49.75 inches
Ribs: 43.5 inches
Waist: 43.5 inches
Hips: 53 inches
Weight: 280lbs
My chest isn't dense but still large after losing 50lbs, my last binder from underworks was way too big (3xl) so i decided to tey this one out!
Getting it over my shoulders were a little difficult but bearable, it's tight but not in a bad way, took me maybe 30 seconds to get it on and situated, the only place it feels tighter than i'd like is right under my armpits since I have a lot of muscle in my upper back and shoulders so those areas cant exactly be compressed like breast tissue can, but that should he resolved once I break it in.
The fit other than that is perfect and it's the perfect length of my torso, it goes right down to under my hip bones, might have been a bit too short if i was any taller.
I move my chest down and out on both sides for binding.
My measurements with it on are:
Under armpits: 47 inches
Bust: 46.75 inches
Ribs:45.5 inches
Waist:45.5 inches
Hips: 49 inches
It overall has smoothed my shape out and made me look a lot more box shaped, it reduced the look of my hips and makes my chest just look like i have well defined pecs with a small amount of fat on them which looks extremely proportional with my body. With normal wear and testing I do not have to readjust my chest, even if i lay on my side in it which is amazing!
Even with this binder being tight i have no issues breathing in it at all (tightness is maybe the level of a hug) i have issues with my lungs so I have to be careful about binder which is why i chose this one.
The fabric feels very high quality and because of the double layer of fabric it is not itchy at all, the sides go right up to under my armpit so no side boob which i have issues with in mose binders, and no uniboob/cleavage going on either.
I cant say much for people with dense chest tissue since i don't have that but if your chest isnt dense then i recommend this!! This is my new daily
Asher | 8/31/2023 2:46 PM
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The best compression tank
I'm a fairly large transgender man with a big chest, and I've yet to find a better compression shirt than this one - I've worn this model for twelve years at this point and have tried several others from different brands along they way, but they just don't measure up. It binds incredibly well and I'm especially happy with the high arm holes because it keeps everything nice and contained. My first compression shirt was from Underworks as well, but that one was purely mesh and would chafe - the double layer fabric on this one completely prevents that! Can definitely recommend this for any large transfolks out there.
Guest | 5/25/2023 8:02 AM
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Excellent binder (for plus size!!)
This binder is easily the most comfortable and best-looking that I have ever owned.

I'm a big person - I fit a 2X, and while my breasts are proportionate to the rest of me, there's still a lot of mass to flatten. My expectations were totally blown away by this tank. It was completely skintight - none of that extra fabric at the armpits that you have to wear a loose overshirt to hide. Wearing it makes my chest look as flat as any breastless fat person. (That is, it's not *gone,* because all fat people have some squish up top. Looks like pecs.) It's very comfortable wearing around - it's elastic everywhere, there's no solid binding panel, it really is just a stretchy tank top. Furthermore, it lives up to its back support advertising as well - mine was killing me, and this piece helped wonders. And finally, if you're someone who likes pressure - think weighted blankets - this tank top is lovely on that front. I'm autistic, and I find it very grounding. The compression is more evenly distributed than any other binder I've ever owned, which increases my satisfaction.

My *sole* discontent with it, was that it is longer than my torso has space for, because I am short - I have to fold up the bottom maybe four inches. It covers my boxers completely if I pull it all the way down. I don't actually find this an issue at all, and it won't even slightly hinder my purchasing it again in the future. I like how it's long enough to compress all the way down my butt, instead of ending at the hips or something. I point this out simply to highlight just how happy I am with it.

Highly recommend.
Guest | 1/1/2023 2:44 AM
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Incredibly comfortable and effective
I was lucky enough to get this for free from a fellow agender person who was giving theirs away. With a 38DD I struggle really hard finding chest binders that get me flat and leave me able to breathe at all. The XL size of this is perfect for me. With most binders, I've had trouble with the front pooching out and leaving me with weird cleavage -- this has never been a problem with this binder. The armholes are cut high enough to keep in any compressed tissue, unlike T-Kingdom's and some of Underworks' other shirts which are not as generous. And the fabric is supple and smooth, nothing like the rough mesh my other Underworks binder has. I never thought I'd know the feeling of putting on a binder and feeling better, like I was being hugged all over. Now I do. It feels every bit as amazing as everybody says. Just be careful about the rib pain if you get really excited and wear yours all day, like I did the first time. Thanks, Underworks!
Guest | 2/24/2017 10:20 PM
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the best compression shirt i have ever worn
this was my first compression garment and it"s the best i have seen.this is a real compression shirt not the fake ones you see on other sites.quality made and appropriately sized,compression was perfet,fit was snugg like its suppose to be and very comfortable.smoothed out what it was suppose to and no bulges under arms and the length was able to tuck in and bottom doesn’t roll up.but go with the size chart though its dead shipping and some of the best customer service i have received from a company and i really mean that.they are very helpful and knowledgeable about their products.i researched companies for over 6mo and am so glad i went with underworks! i will definitely by from again  
dave | 1/10/2017 9:14 PM
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Best compression shirt ever! This shirt hugs you and flattens your bulges and man-boobs down. It come up to your armpit so no visible fat rolls there. Another great thing, "It's long enough!".
It went over my stomach and came down all the way to my privates... By wearing it, it reminds me not to over-eat even- Another great thing is that it arrived in like 2 days to my mailbox, and I did not pay anything extra to get quick shipping, It just was! I'm definitely ordering more of this Tee and other products I'm seeing on this Underworks site. Order for your real size though, I did and am very happy, I did as the size chart is absolutely on target. You'll love this Compression Garment.
DALE | 12/5/2015 7:00 PM
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