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The best chest binder I've ever gotten!
When I tell you this is the best binder I've ever had, I really mean it! The packaging was discreet, and shipped within just a few days after ordering. I got a black XL, and putting in on for the first time was not difficult at all. As someone with a larger chest, this binder really does well with binding my chest! I've gone through 2 other binders in the past 6 months that have already worn down, even though I don't bind with them very often. This binder is super durable and really does a great job at keeping my chest flat! I couldn't recommed a better brand honestly! Thank you Underworks!
Guest | 11/21/2022 2:49 PM
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Saved my Life
For anyone who's never seen one of their binders irl, the pictures sort of don't do it justice. This was my fist binder and remains my favourite one. Made my B cups perfectly flat and never made me feel overheated or overwhelmed. It helped me live with this body I didn't ask for until I finally had top surgery and then donated the binders. They stay fine for a long time.

I'm relatively slim, so the rolling up only happened extremely minimally but I can't speak to larger sizes
Guest | 11/10/2022 1:24 PM
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Everything I wanted and then some!
I ordered this as my first binder. It arrived in a week or so and the packaging was discreet. It only says Simple Solutions on the outside. I got an X-Large in black, and it fits me perfectly!! It's much more comfortable than I anticipated and binds really smoothly, even on my floppy chest. The material does like to roll up but it's no big deal. It's also breathable, so you don't get too hot.

I'm a genderfluid trans boy and this binder takes a 2x4 to my dysphoria's knees. Wearing it feels just like a hug and it's really relaxing. Just a lovely binder and if you're on the fence I highly recommend!! Thank you so much Underworks!!
Guest | 5/10/2022 6:36 PM
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so perfecttt
I'm a trans masc person who struggles with loads of dysphoria and let me just say-- this is PERFECT for me. I bought an XL and someone with a 40DD chest... *happy trans boy noises* I feel so much better abt myself. thank you underworks!
Guest | 11/19/2021 9:16 AM
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Exceeded all expectations
I was worried it'd be the wrong size or feel uncomfortable or not really work, but it exceeded all my expectations. Works well and was comfortable.  Was definitely worth buying.
Matthew | 2/13/2021 5:22 PM
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Good bind!
It gave me the bind I needed and I'm feeling so much less dysphoric. I'm going to wear it to school tomorrow and I think it'll make me feel so much better about myself and I won't even need to burn in my sweatshirt to hide my chest.

A good note is that it rolls up. I've noticed while wearing that it rolls up a lot and I have to unroll it, so it kinda loses the "hey I'm not binding my boobs, I have no chest" aspect if it's noticed. Or well, maybe I'm so stuck in my head that only I'll notice. I have only worn this for one day, so I'm sure there's a solution. Read some other reviews if you'd like to be sure:)

also- My dad doesn't know I'm Ftnb and I added a note that I'm hoping it doesn't go in as ftm binders- and it went in as simple solutions in the bank. I wonder if that has something to do with it? It was late to ship but I don't blame them.
Kathryn | 9/14/2020 10:30 PM
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My First Binder
This is my first binder, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I love it! It compacts my chest really well while still allowing me to breathe. It's not so easy to put on, though. I have to put it on over my head because my hips are really wide and that's tough, but I've gotten used to taking it off (it's more of a me problem, not a product problem in itself). One complaint I have is the texture, it's rough on my skin (like a trampoline). Hopefully it does get softer the more washes it has like everyone tells me it will. Anyways, this is a great binder that is definitely worth your money!
Guest | 8/20/2020 3:59 PM
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Been ordering this for 8 years
I am 26 and I got my first tri top when i was 18.

It so great and comfortable I never have thought to try anything else.

Last up to 6-8 months too. Great product.
Guest | 4/24/2018 1:28 PM
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The best binder ever!!
I've used this binder for as long as I can remember, and its by FAR the best binder I've ever used. Its so comfortable and at the same time binds REALLY well. Its completely flat for me!
They also last really long! I still use the binder I bought 2-3 years ago. Obviously, its a little bit stretched out, but it still works like a charm! And since its stretched out, I can wear it at the gym/when I want to chill, because its not so tight.
Emily | 7/2/2016 8:00 PM
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Great for big chests - WEARING TIP
I'm a 30E cup and this gives me boy chest that I'm confident about. Wearing tip: pull this on over your hips upside down and inside out, then pull the arm holes up and arrange your chest. It means the bottom edge is folded under and stops the binder rolling up, which otherwise it did and dug into my ribs after wearing for several hours. Worn this for over the recommended time (for work) days and days in a row and it's fantastic. Highly recommend for big cups and small band sizes.
Syd | 6/15/2016 8:00 PM
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I just got my binder a few days ago and i absolutely love it! I have a pretty average chest in my opinion and this binder makes me almost completely flat! The only problem i have is that the bottom likes to roll up, but i can deal with it. I totally recommend this binder for anyone who is looking to bind.
Mason | 9/25/2015 8:00 PM
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Comfortable Compression
This is my second binder from Underworks and it's definitely my favorite. It is shorter than pictured; it ends right at the bottom of my ribs, which is much better than compressing around my stomach and constantly rolling up, as my Double Front Compression Vest did. It still rolls up a little bit, but it doesn't bother me too much. It's very comfortable to wear all day and makes my (38C) chest flat enough to pass under baggier shirts/layers. I only wish it was cut a bit lower so it wouldn't show under my v-necks, and it's a bit tricky to get on - I've gotten stuck/needed help a few times. I would definitely recommend this binder; I'll be getting one in the other colors as well because I love it so much.
Ann Grace | 11/4/2013 7:00 PM
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