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Product reviews for Ultimate Chest Binder Tank

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Only binder I've worn for 10 years
I finally got around to replacing my first binder purchased 10 years ago. While it lost some compression strength, that old binder still holds up well as a basic undershirt (with a small amount of fraying around the edges). Same size and style, the new binder came in the mail yesterday and it fits perfectly. True to the size chart- measure yourself carefully so you don't over-compress your chest! I appreciate Underworks' continued quality and am excited to try their cotton-lined series now that I've confirmed my size.
Guest | 3/18/2024 1:23 PM
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It fits like a dream! I struggled a little bit because this is my first binder and I made sure to get a size larger than what I usually wore(just in case). I attempted to pull it over my head, big mistake! AFter getting stuck once or twice I finally followed the advice of those much more experienced then me and pulled it on like a pair of pants. Viola! It fits like a charm and I love it! :D I would recommend getting a size above what you wear so it fits snuggly without choking you. My only gripe is that I got one that was a bit too long as it can cover my upper thighs if I pulled it all the way down while still wearing it over my shoulders.

Would definitely recommend.
Guest | 7/7/2017 5:40 PM
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Amazing, just make sure to get the correct size!
I've had the binder for a little while now. I've managed to get it on a couple times, though always with a huge hassle (I've literally had to have someone help me into the binder both times.) I thought that'd go away once it stretched out a bit, but I've had it stretched over a chair in my room for about a month now, and it still doesn't go on easily, if at all. I'm going to get a size larger as soon as possible, and it's definitely going to be this type of binder again.
Guest | 5/12/2017 10:16 AM
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Did its job, but was unfortunately not for me.
This was the first binder I've ever owned, and it flattened me just as I was hoping with no uniboob appearance whatsoever. The material is super breathable and even helped keep me cool on very warm days. I rarely had problems getting it on or taking it off.

The reason I ultimately ended up donating it was because I realized that the tank style just isn't for me and my hourglass body shape. I'm a fairly sedentary person, so there was never a need for me to worry about doing intense exercise while wearing this binder. Even still, I dreaded sitting down and standing back up, because no matter how firmly I tucked my binder into my jeans or tried to secure it with a belt, it would always roll up because my hips are unfortunately so much wider than my waist. When it did roll up, it was always in a place where I couldn't easily readjust, so I would have to put up with a painful pinch at my stomach and lower rib cage until I was able to get to a bathroom. And for some reason, readjusting was always annoyingly difficult and never made the binder stay tucked as long as when I first put it on. Eventually I got tired of it and tried the sports bra style binder that Underworks also makes, and that worked out SO much better for me. Once I had that, I couldn't go back to this one ever again.

TL;DR: this is definitely a good, quality binder, but depending on your body shape, this may or may not be the best fit for you.
Guest | 5/2/2017 11:49 AM
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Amazing Quality, But...
I would like to start by saying that the quality and make of this binder is wonderful, no complaints there. It's sturdy and comfortable. I have a very large chest (DDD) so I can't really complain about the binder not getting my chest as flat as I would have liked. This binder took about 4 inches from the original size, probably down to a D cup I'd say. I was just a bit disappointed knowing I could take 4 inches off with 2 sports bras. I thought I was risking it by getting an L when I fell into the XL area...but I think I should have got an M. Its also a bit loose around my shoulder area considering my breasts are very large but the rest of my body is not. I think I'll live with my L for now, I'm a bit nervous to size down with the fear I won't be able to get the smaller binder over my hips. I shouldn't complain because of my sizing error but I just thought it was best a relay this info to all of my big chested brothers.
Fabiana | 4/19/2017 10:46 PM
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Great product for a grand figure.
I've been getting underworks tanks for years now- I'm a larger guy, with a pretty hefty chest and hips. And while all the products here work great, anything that ended on my torso was subject to rolling up on me, producing a band of really uncomfortable added pressure, and requiring mid-day adjustments.
So i got this one to try out, and to my surprise, it actually fixed the problem. Because the bottom of it sits down on my hips, it seems to keep it in place, and doesn't start trying to head north. It also helps streamline the 'figure 8' effect, while doing great with my chest.

Overall, if you're a slighter guy this might be overkill. But if you're like me and shaped like a very masculine pear? Can't recommend it enough.
Guest | 1/19/2017 3:00 PM
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First time buying a binder
I can't express how much I love this binder. It's my first time buying one and it's extremely comfortable. It flattens my chest down wonderfully and I just love it. I'm a big guy too, so I'm glad it fit well. As long as you get your correct size you should be fine. Man, I love this binder.
Cheyenne | 12/25/2015 7:00 PM
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Impressively On Time! =)
This product is very amazing and has such an authentic, flat-chested feel to it. I highly advise first time buyers to get their correct measurements before purchasing because you wanna be sure this fits. I'm not sure stuff like this can be returned or not. I got a medium size and it fits so snug; just the way I like it! :3

At first, I really did struggle to get it on. Its supposed to bind big chests so, I guess it would be kinda hard. Its easier for me to pull it up my legs from the collar instead of putting it on like a regular top. I think its designed that way.

I'm just amazed at the elasticity, firmness and durability of this binder. I love how my big chest turns magically flat and gives off a very realistic illusion of almost having very defined pectoral muscles instead.

And dude, this shipped fast! Heck, I chose the basic standard shipping, placed my order about 1 o' clock in the morning on Tuesday and it showed up all bundled nicely in my mailbox Friday afternoon!^^

Fastest shipping ever!:D

But be careful, FTMs, when labeling what your billing and home address is. I almost could have made the mistake of not getting my product because when I first placed the order, I thought I could get away with using my preferred name instead of my legal name assigned at birth. But when I read a confirmation email I received perhaps a few hours after placing my order, it says something about calling customer service ASAP if the addresses were wrong. My residential address was correct. But according to customer service, the name you label on your billing address has to match the name that was filed under the billing on your credit card also. The thing is, I did that when I made the order and registered for this site. But it still shows up as Phoenix, which I kinda don't get. Then one customer service rep(who was a bit rude) told me that both the name on the billing AND the shipping address have to be legal names.

So, long story short, in the end, I got what I wanted and I learned to just use whatever name is legal for me at that time whether I like it or not. Just to be safe. I suppose as a precaution to this, the other(much nicer) customer rep I spoke with, assured me that the billing name was definitely changed to my assigned named at birth since that is the name my card is filed under. And the package even had that written on in pen in parenthesis next to the name "Phoenix."

Other than that, shipping was awesome, product is totaly cool and the customer service is ai'ght.

I'll definitely make future purchases here very very soon!^^
Sparkle | 10/31/2015 8:00 PM
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This was my first real binder so I was a bit nervous but this binder is absolutely the best. It was a little hard to put on at first I'm 5'6 and about 190 pounds and I got a large and it fits great. It definitely pushes down my chest to a point where it's really flat and it also pushes down my stomach which is a nice plus. It's thicker in the front for compression but the back is a mesh type of material which is great for air circulation and it feels really nice and is super comfortable!! Later I bought a 3 pack of these, definitely recommend this. 5stars 😍

Edward | 6/17/2015 8:00 PM
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Great :D
This is the third binder I've purchased, and this is by far the most effective. I'm a C-cup, pushing a D-cup, and this makes my breasts hardly noticeable. It's more comfortable than the rest I've bought as well. Definitely recommend c:
Ann | 9/9/2014 8:00 PM
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Don't order the size down if you're between sizes.
TL;DR: When they say to order up if you're between sizes, they're not kidding. It will not work despite stubbornness.
I just got my order of two of these in the mail. I was really excited because they looked just like what I wanted. Thing is, when I ordered I measured myself as per instruction was between large and medium. I felt optimistic and ordered the medium. I tried to put it on over my head and managed to get both arms through. I felt triumphant because many reviewers I had read said that they couldn't get it on that way. As soon as I tried to get it over my actual chest, however, I felt too squeezed. I tried more, stubborn as I am about these things, and it still didn't work. I took it off and tried stepping into it as per internet suggestion. Still, when it came to the actual chest I could not fit. I'm further reassured that I ordered the right model for me, however I first need to make use of the returns policy.
Parker | 8/10/2014 8:00 PM
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A great investment
I had gotten one of these a year and a half ago and I'm just now wanting to replace it. I've worn it every day for the maximum amount of time, and it's been extremely comfortable to wear. Even though I've gained a lot of weight since I first got it due to medical reasons, it's accommodated my body's changes quite well! This baby can handle a lot of abuse, so if you're looking for something to last you a good while, this binder is perfect for you.
Mariah | 6/9/2014 8:00 PM
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