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I bought this binding swim top because I really wanted to go swimming but haven't for a while due to chest dysphoria.
It fits great, has good compression and I feel confident wearing it with my swim shorts at the pool as it looks like a wetsuit top.
I chose a specific swim binder because I now go for a swim most mornings and I wanted something that would hold up to the chlorine. I usually rinse it after use and then put it in the washer/dryer every week or 2. I've had it for a month now and it's doing good, no complaints.
I recently lost a lot of weight, so my chest area is not large. The binding makes my chest flat, but ymmv for those with more.
It arrived quickly, well packaged and communication was great. Highly recommended.
Holly | 7/16/2023 3:58 PM
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Holy mother of lord
This is so Good, I love it so much. It’s flexible and cna get wet and still compressed a lot.
Guest | 12/9/2022 10:58 PM
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Amazing product!
I’m a teenage trans boy, D cup. I bought the Small size, and I am ecstatic with the results. The black/blue combo I purchased flattens my chest about as well as a properly sized gc2b binder, but the black makes it almost impossible to see any curves. This works really well with plain black swim shorts, and it’s sturdy, easily washed, streamlined, and keeps me warm! At the beginning it was really hard to put on, though, so I now step into it and pull up, over my hips. Works much better. I recommend this to any FTM, enby, demiboy, agender, etc. person who’s looking for a good swim binder! Well worth the price, and arrived quickly!
Guest | 8/27/2020 8:25 PM
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Great product
I bought this swimming binder 11 months ago- and let me tell you it was worth every penny. It contains the 38H breast tissue well and it actually helped me swim faster because it streamlined me so much. It's also not super obvious it's a binder. It just looks like some kind of professional suit when paired with the matching shorts. I don't get any looks from people. Very happy with this product
Guest | 5/5/2017 2:40 PM
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In all seriousness, it is indeed amazing. For a decade I had avoided pools and beaches as much as I could, I hadn´t realized how much I actually missed it until I finally could go and enjoy it once again once I got this binder. It sits comfortably once you manage to put it on, and gets you flat and nice. It can ride up though, or at least mine does probably thanks to my body type, but nothing that can´t be easily solved. This is one of the best purchases I´ve made, definitely!
Victoria | 9/12/2016 8:00 PM
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