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Absolutely perfect. Comfy, fast shopping, and looks great. I will definitely be buying a few more.
Audrey | 10/20/2020 2:51 PM
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Most comfortable binder!
ive been using underworld for almost 7 years & bought this binder 3 years ago, it's my favourite binder!! i'm 5'4 and was 125lbs when i first bought it. it's so comfortable, it doesn't dig into my armpits or balloon out at the neckline. tight enough to bind but not so tight i can't breathe. long binders squeeze my tummy and make me feel nauseous or lightheaded when im binding at work or doing activity and shorter bindera like the tri-top make my tummy bulge out and sometimes my breasts, which are saggy from weight loss (F cup down to about a C cup thats mostly loose skin) and years of binding, fall down and peek out the bottom which feels very uncomfortable and makes me anxious if my shirt lifts up. THIS binder eliminates both problems!! the actual compression part is tight enough that i can arrange my breasts to keep them from falling down (although sometimes it does balloon out the armpits a little bit), long enough that i'm covered if they did manage to slip out, and comfortable enough with the shorter compression panel that it doesn't squeeze my tummy (it's just like a tank top). i wear it at work, school, the gym, for swimming, and usually for around 10hrs a day with no problem as long as i stay hydrated and keep it under 12hrs. it's so durable and long lasting too! i'm only buying a new one because ive gained about 40lbs so my old one doesn't fit anymore. I'm SO happy with this binder!!
Ceb | 12/6/2019 6:45 PM
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So far so good
My very first binder! I am loving it! I am a 40C chest, 5'3" and 215lbs. It compresses my chest just like I wanted. Only negative is that my like under arm fat pushes out and it's uncomfortable there. But it's great everywhere else! :)
Andrew | 10/27/2016 11:41 AM
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