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watch the sizing
I love this one. I have been wearing this one and the tri-top for several years. The tri top is really good for when you want a tight and trim silouette, but on days I'm just sitting around at home or wearing loose fitting shirts, this is my go to. It's a double compression shirt with cotton liner vs the triple compression of the tri-top. So it acts as expected.  I will say though, that across the board each of the different underworks models has its own sizing chart. So for instance, I wear a Large in this model, but an XL in the tri-top. Just saying.
Guest | 9/23/2019 3:02 PM
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Really good binding, slightly weird fit
I'm a cup size d and got the 2x, and I was really amazed how well it flattened my chest. It also doesn't ride up at all unless I'm doing weird stretching or something. I kept forgetting I was wearing it, it's so comfortable! My complaints are about a lot of pooching around the armpits and in the neckline right over the cleavage, where it sticks out and will not flatten. It makes it noticeable under shirts. I'm thinking about just cutting that triangle of fabric out.
Guest | 6/3/2017 10:08 PM
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Not the best.
I'm 5'6", 125lbs, and I got this in a size small in the color black. I purchased this expecting it to fit exactly like the tri-top, just with a layer of cotton on the interior, but not so much. It slips down a lot and doesn't bind as well. It is nice and soft, but it's just not worth it if you actually want a good bind (I have a small chest size as well, somewhere around a small B?). You're better off just wearing something cotton underneath the regular tri-top (I usually either wear non-compression cotton sport bras or I hem undershirts shorter to wear underneath.
Jess | 12/8/2016 3:31 PM
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